Oct 29, 2005

Two Movies

Its 430 in the morning and i have just finished watching two movies today....the first one was 'pulp fiction' it was all about killings ehuuua...but the second one was 'stealth'. Now stealth is about a new experiment in warefare by america they bulid a plane for combat completly automated but with artificial intelligence. The plane goes haywire and is bent ok killing ppl with missions that do not exsist. Later the plane realises its mistake it evolves and starts feeling emotions.
Now we may be very far in reality for making machines feel things but thats gonna happen some time or later. And when machines begin to think then they are no better then humans as they can be as good or as bad as us... Some ppl think the ability to think will give benifit to socitey by machines which can work talk and feel like us... and when they would do all this they well might love, have sex, reproduce and then why is the reason to create them we already have them in us.
creating mahinces that are more and more human like is an excercise in futility.

mahinces are most useful when they are under a man...there may be a time when machines will write (b)logs but till then its just us.....

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