Oct 9, 2007

Orkut been dumb

I was posting a scrap to someone who is not in my friend list and this is what I got ( link )
15 mins before I can post the scrap, and that is on top of the captcha that orkut shows usually. I wonder what makes them add such a time limit. They clearly fear that the captcha on orkut site can be broken. Back in college for the software presentation contest during technozion 07 we made a software that tried to break the orkut captcha. Anyways it just shows how dumb orkut is and how it wants me to waste my time on it. I wish all my friends were on faceboook instead.


  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    just a way to stop spam scraps...

    Orkut has to find out a way to stop the spam or remove fake profiles...

    decoding Orkut captcha as the project :) kudos!

  2. @chandra dude dont tell me u own the orkutapps domain???


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