Oct 3, 2013

Configuring OPAM for OCaml on Nitrous.IO

In the previous post I showed how to get a working OCaml compiler installed on a box.  We had to get the source code of OCaml from github and build it. It turns out there is a much easier way to get the compiler and all the necessary libraries. We can install the OPAM package manager inside our box and then use OPAM to download additional libraries. In order to configure OPAM on we follow the steps on the quick install page  for the binary installer of OPAM. Run the following commands in the terminal.
sh ./ /home/action/.local/bin
The installer will guide you through the process of setting up and installing the OCaml compiler. Once the installation finishes you can use the OCaml system from console. You can also use OPAM to install additional libraries. Details on the usage of OPAM as a package manager are given here. By default it OPAM will install the libraries shown in the screenshot below.

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