Jan 12, 2006

The Day off for the Profs...

Today was the day off at college with 3 teachers not making to the class and one not taking it. Which means we had only the Communication Systems class today. This semester has been a very strict one with no free classes, so today came as a respite for the students, who loafed all day or slept. But for me the day was hectic. My wallet was stolen yesterday so no classes for me mean i had to bank for gettin the ATM. Then the college id and library id and so on...pah


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    aww man! thats bad. how did ya loose btw??


  2. I lost 4000 bucks...:(

  3. wht were you doing with 4000 bucks in the wallet?

  4. i just withdrew it to book tickets:(


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