Jan 31, 2006

IBM Releases Free Database

In a move to keep in step with its rivals, IBM on Monday rolled out a free version of its DB2 database product as the computing giant seeks to win the loyalty of more software developers in smaller companies and projects.

Big Blue follows the lead of competitor Oracle, which introduced a free version of its 10g database during October, and of Microsoft, which announced the free version of its SQL Server database during November.

Called DB2 Express-C, the offering will be available to customers, developers, and partners as a free download from IBM’s developer community site. Customers will be able to use the same core DB2 data server, which is offered in its license version for free.

Free community support for the database will also be available through a public forum on developerWorks, IBM’s resource for developers.

In contrast, users of IBM’s license-based Express edition get a full warranted license with round-the-clock customer support, extra features, and extended tools.


  1. hmmmmmm bt wt about the efficecny in load sharing , well its good if they actully giv a real competion in db world :)

  2. DB2 already has a following in the DB world and the other open source alternatives are just comin up and gaining popularity...:)

  3. IBM even certified its DM2 linux version compatible with the future release of Ubuntu Daper Drake. This is a major leap for Ubuntu . Check out the news at Both IBM guyz and ubuntu development team is working on it and testing its robustness.

  4. thats good may be they can put it in the next ubuntu release


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