Feb 13, 2006

C compiler in 2 hrs

As a part of our Language processors course we were given an assignment to make a compiler for a subset of c language ( c to msil). It was supposed to be submitted today. Of course we didnt do it but when in the morning class our HOD said we better submit it by the evening or else we loose all the 20 marks for the internals, he was damn serious... so we got like 2 hrs break between the morning and afternoon sessoins to program a compiler... students started to look for the lex and yacc sepcs for the c language and it was not a problem since there are a lot available on the net. The next task was to generate MSIL code from it. Darn we used all kinds of stupid methods and created some shit. It didnt compile ofcourse but then we had to submit the print out... i ran to the xerox shop got a printout it was 9 pages.... finally work well done ... and submitted at 2:30pm

What i fail to understand is that when our HOD saw our blank faces in the morning he was sure none of us did it but when he went to submit the assigment he took it. So he knws wats going on and thats the way he wants it i guess.... or thats the way everyone wants it;)

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