Jul 26, 2006

The Great North South Divide

Studying at a NIT (National Institute of Technology) is a rich cultural experience. Students here are from all over the country and this helps to know the cultural and customs of different communities. I study at NIT Warangal which is in Andhra Pradesh so 50% of the students are from AP. Now we are in final year ever since the first day of our college we seat ourselfs in the classroom in a particular way. The students are the north india sit on the left and the students from the south mostly from AP sit on the right. No matter which classroom we have been in be it a test in some hall or even the seminar hall. We always sit this way... Its our last year in college and I wonder wil this north south divide ever be overcome...


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  2. I really wish..but..I Don't think that this ice is ever going to break in our college.

  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    well this is sad ...

  4. thats not we talk about being united and there u ppl create such boundaries in coll itself! :(

  5. The divide exists only in your head. Always has, always will.

  6. err your heads I meant

  7. one thing ppl... i dont promote nor is it in my head...
    its the way things are and they are not getting ne better... my post is an attempt to access the situation and not promote it...

  8. So by "your" head, I meant the heads of all of the students there.

    I'd have said "our" heads but I know rather few people who still follow this divide.

    My point was that the divide is imaginary. If either side decides that they will not even "acknowledge" the other's regional identity, there would be no north-south gap. All you'd see is a bunch of guys who sit on the right side and one bunch that sit on the left. Now again, using induction, if everyone started following that concept, pretty soon someone is going to wonder why is it that one bunch of people are seperate from the other and would go interact with the other bunch also, making the divide vanish.

    Which is the why the only place that the divide exists is in "their" (I hope this sounds better) heads.

  9. well ya the divide exsists only in the heads.. since ppl are the same no matter where they are from....:)


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