Jul 23, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06

I had a chance to lay my hands on the most recent version of the ubuntu linux distribution. I decided to try it. I was totally impressed with the hassle free installation. Its even easier then installing windows and definately easier then most linux distros. Ubuntu earlier used to ship with two cds one for live and other for install, But this time they ship it with only one cd, which can be used as a live cd as well as install cd. This lets you have a preview of what the os will be like even before you install it. The live cd can be used anytime even if you decide not to install ubuntu, this can give you a good exposure to linux. And whats more its all free, yeah anyone can order ubuntu linux free of cost shipped to their doorstep.

What are you waiting for???

PS: Even after getting a job at MS I wont stop supporting linux;)


  1. Anonymous2:48 AM

    I use Ubuntu myself though in a more windows way not at all like unix....i havenot seen the latest one but ubuntu rocks

  2. wat r u talking about???? computer lingo... *neha scratching her head*


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