May 14, 2006

Blog Mapper Launched

Those who read my blog carefully and check in the profile link must have alrready seen it. I registered a domain called I was working on a mashup using the google maps api. The blogmapper service lets you place makers on the world map along with a link to your blog. This way you can check out who is blogging near by and view his blog.
Here is the direct link to the site click.

  • If you are about to create your own marker please be carefull to copy and place the location exactly along with the braces.
  • The map may take sometime to update try to refresh back if you cant see your marker.
  • Please comment if you have any more questions.

PS: The blogmapper is currently hosted on tripod for those who are wondering how I got past their Ads , just keep wondering or ask me...:)


  1. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Hi!, stumbled on your blog.. great work dude.. I tried to enter my blog url.. but for some strange didn't work :((.. anyways.. great work.. buddy..

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Yep! its working perfectly now!.. between thats a pretty fast response

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    my topcoder handle is 'felicitas'

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    keep up the good work

  5. ~pramodh & ankur Thanks...:)

  6. i don know what to bloody illiterate i m wen it comes to computers...

  7. It worked for me anyway! Thanks for the great tool and service you're contributing to the blogosphere! BTW, is there any way you can incorporate listing a location by way of zip code (in the USA) or by typing the location in "City, State" format? I know it takes great work and dedication! And, BTW, tell me then, how did you manage to get past Tripod ads? ;-)

  8. Hie, its a gr8 work,, for u have made use of API's, which i havent learnt yet.
    Some days ago i did try to use Flickr API's.
    Chalo bye, catch u soon, some other time.


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