May 18, 2006

Google the Womaniser

Yeah Google is a big Womaniser!!! If you are a computer science student or even an engineering student you will know the pathetic percentage of girls in your class. This percentage should be carried forward to the companys that work in, so as we all know to balance the ratio most companys hire women for non tech jobs like HR... I have till now never met an HR who is a man..neways keeping it aside wats wid the google thing ... I lil look at their hyderabad office will reveal that... first the head count of men is in fact lesser then the women....(as this blog by a gogle suggests link ). It is definatly not natural that this be possible unless google is hell bent on hiring girls....neways there are two orkut communitites

a look at these communities will again show you the google's equal oppurtunity hiring polices...

If you take time to look at the members... I am sure you will feel the most have been selected on basis of ramp shows then ne real interviews....

some real women in software...

n As you all knw how bad i am at spellings...i had to ask the how to spell womaniser
spelling courtsey Aditi


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    well....its amusing to see gender 'educated' society....and yup...i agree with you....there are very few men in the hr field....but then,dont you think women are better communicators?
    and its funny...most of the time hr is all bout smiling and speakin a wonder the fairer sex is prefered.... ;)

  2. i wonder why are u anonymous... n how says men cant smile n speak well:P

  3. now now now, lets not have discriminations here...people can we have a break?? as such the country is going through a tough time facing with all the reseravtiona n the discrimantion charges..lets just cool down and have some sort of introspection before bursting out..right?
    and isn't it amazing that the author himself had to take the help of aditi, a female. ironic. right?

  4. i spoke the truth wid proper sources...n i didnt say that girls are not good at nethings... all i said was the googles polices are not fair to the not so fair sex...[:P]

  5. Asankhaya I must say that you did do a lot of research on Google and the gender of Googlers...only wish all this time was for something more fruitful.

    The post of mine that you have linked (very smartly!) to your post, was written for womens' day! you definitely don't expect men to get photographed on that day and get featured on a post about womens' day!

    Anyways, its just sad that you have got all of it completely wrong.

  6. ~ Akshay (phoenix)
    I prefer to spend my time the way I like it. And I dont think I got it all wrong,in fact I read it on your blog that the male population hasnt reached significant proportions...n now you are contradicting yourself... if the male populations hasnt reached a good number in the otherwise male dominated software industry then it points only to a gender bais for the fairer sex... hope you do something fruitful other then posting pics of ur google girls....:D

  7. asankhya, if akshay had posted the pics of women celebrating women's day, and said that the male no. has not reached a good no. it definately does not indicate that the male female ratio is me, the ratio is pretty good, quite lot of friends working at i know what i m talking about...

  8. ~~ he mentioned the ratio is uneven and even i got frnd workin for google so i knw wat i am talkin about... why dont u have a look at the sources i mentioned... n i gave the link to the womens day not to show that ther are more women but how good lookin they are... why arent such good looking women in other companies... coz the secret part of googles interview is the ramp show...:D:D


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