May 28, 2006

Random Babbles

  • People say I am good at two things -- Flirting and Coding. I am not sure about the second one.
  • A little boy just called me superman and asked me to fly up, up and away.
  • The girls think I am a Kid.
  • The guys say I am a Guy's Guy.
  • I have been adam teased and I can tell you guys its a bad experience.
  • I wonder why girls wear clothes that, flaunt their cleavage, pop their belly button and are so tight around that one can make out the curves.
  • I wonder a lot of other things about girls which I wont write.
  • Its easier to understand maths than girls.
  • Which is the reason most intelligent people choose the former.
  • Girls have a great tendency to fall for stupid guys due to extreme similarity with themselves.
  • I sleep well in night when I write about 1000 lines of code in the day.
  • I can type very fast.
  • I can multitask very well.
  • My HOD told me I expect instantaneous results.
  • The regular readership of my blog is about 30 now.
  • I am against quota.
  • I am yet to meet a girl who can code.
  • I am yet to meet a girl as tall as me.


  1. its an old adage...u should always stick to what u r best at! therefore, keep coding!!
    n yes its difficult to understand anyone, not just girls, c at present i cant understand as to why u cant understand females!

  2. ~neha
    na its tuff to get into girls... out of girls and maths most intelligent men choose the later...


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