Oct 5, 2010

Vultures and Swan

so you went to the vulture's nest
oh great feast you had
the fat, the black, the ugly
the aloof and the sad

they all sat on the big table
and ordered a sumptuous meal
munch munch they went on
I understand not what's the deal

unless you hunt your prey
what pleasure is there to eat
it doesn't matter if you cook
or you went out for a treat

the vultures weren't satisfied,
with the food they just had,
they were driven by greed and passion,
oh thats always the plan they had

back in the fat one's nest
they all sat together
and played the games of pleasure
among all those who gathered

through the darkness of night
across the great big sea
there was a great white swan
as caring and loving he could be

he gave away his sleep
as he waited for you alone
watching out for his beloved
and hoping the vultures be gone

oh the tragic ending
you yelled at the poor swan
you wish he would have slept
or even better just get drown

we all seem to like the vultures
as evil as they may be
no one cares for the swan
or his dark lonely song

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