Apr 23, 2006

Exams up Blogs down

My end semester exams are coming up from next week... so this is the last post before I get thru them... see ya all after 2 weeks..:)

Apr 17, 2006

My Paper - 2

My friend and room-mate Arijit has a nice blog post I think you should go

Apr 16, 2006

Tux Nirvana

Tux just got up from deep meditation....

Apr 13, 2006

Google Calendar

Google unveiled the Google Calendar today. Another Ajax baby, the interface looks neat like all google things.. it lets you create and browse public calender, although I couldnt use it because it said service unavailble....:D

Apr 12, 2006

Pointer April 2006

Finally we released the valedictory edition of Pointer , the magazine published by the Department of CSE, NIT Warangal. An online version wil be put up shortly on the department's site till then you can check out the print version here. This time I asked Patricia Seybold to let us use her blog post on mashups (link) as the cover article.

Apr 7, 2006

Paper Selected

My paper on ontology matching was selected as a short research paper for the
"The 2006 International Conference on Semantic Web & Web Services". The conference is between 26-29 June. So see you in Las Vegas....:D

Apr 2, 2006

Google Games

I had almost forgotten about a site I created few months back
Unless a friend of mine asked me over lunch that how much revenve did I earn with the site. Well the concept was good but I didnt have enough time to work more on it.
So the work on that site is frozen.