Jan 2, 2007

Google Runs Out of Storage

Well yeah, if you look at the Gmail sign in page you can see that it has stopped increasing the size of storage. It says over 2800Mbs but the count has stopped. Here is what is says.
Oh, and you still have over 2800 megabytes (and counting) of free storage.

I wonder what has happened?

The Gold Medal

Happy New Year to All...
Yeah I know its been a really long time. Well I have been busy (not really but I got no excuse).
I have always been good at most things I did :D, but somehow I always land up like 2nd or 3rd the only time I can remember I was first was my 11th grade. The gold medal has always evaded me.
So why do I worry about gold at all, there are so many people who get nothing... well here is why

Gold Medal Awarded to my Dad ranked 1st Meerut University M.Sc( Mathematics)

Gold Medal Awarded to My Bro ranked 1st Science Olympiad 2006

I need one now....:(