Nov 29, 2006

I, Me and No Irene

It was September the 5th 1986...
The sun shining bright in the sky...
Just as the clock struck 2:45...
The stars aligned in perfect position...
A virgo was born in silent revelation...

Chubby cheeks and dark black eyes...
Marked the baby's cute disguise...
As the family moves from north to south...
The baby grows into a kid and shouts...
"I play around all day...
Just been happy, bliss and gay"...

It was when he started school...
His abilities and intellect came handful...
Things were going pretty smooth when they turned west...
And now let history rest...

He inherited the intellect from his dad's genes...
And sweetness from his mom's dreams...
But been so good was not enough...
As jealousy gripped the sallow trough...

Getting mocked and bullied at the school...
Repulsions inviting hatred to the full...
He stayed away from the fairer sex...
And sure enough he had no muscles to flex...

But fate has its own ways...
He met a gal who made his heart sway...
Been reluctant he didn't say...
And when said it was too late to stray...

College life comes upon him...
Get set go, conquer the world...
Every moment that has passed by...
He has dreamt of the gal on his side...

He starts taking interest in his new found love...
Algorithms and coding to name them though...
19 years have gone since the sabbath day...
Life goes on and there is no time to brood...
As passages get added under this poem's hood...
I walk all alone on a lonely road...
And there are miles to go before i sleep...
Thats my crazy life as i believe...

Its been 20 years since it all began...
Life comes around a full circle again...
Baby, boy and teen we have all seen...
Its time for the man to be born...
At mid night tonight the teenage ends...
A new time begins, the dawn beckons...
But I cry out loud, Please let me go...
I need some sleep,I need some sleep...

Nov 28, 2006

What Kind of Flirt Are You?

You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt.
And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting.
Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.
And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!

Nov 19, 2006

There is no place like

Yeah there is no place like homeeeeeeeee...........
Another semester has passed by ...........
I was soo sooo busy this semester that i hardly got time for my blog.... neways i am home for a month and hope to post regularly during the time....
I scrwed my exams and not waiting for the results..........

Oct 27, 2006

Featured in Local Newspaper

Yesterday a reporter from the local newpaper "EENADU" in AP took my interview. It was out in today's edition.
Here is a pic for you all.

Oct 26, 2006

Paper Selected for International Conference on Bioinformatics 2006

I will be giving a poster presenation on "Dynamic Band Approach for LCS Calculation of Two Sequences" at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, India on 18th December.

Conference Website

Oct 18, 2006

Code Feartured on Windows Marketplace

My code for the undelete software for floppy disks is put up on the Microsoft's Windows Marketplace website.
Here is the link
The code has long been among the popular downloads on

Oct 5, 2006

My New Website

Check out my new website... and tell me if you like it...

Over 85% home PC users fraud prone: Symantec

Over 85% home users were targeted for identity theft, fraud or other financially-motivated crime, according to the latest Internet Security Threat report released by Symantec.

read more | digg story

Aug 26, 2006


Its 322am and i am still up doing nothing...
I had cramps in my toes and my feet several time during swimming today...
I went out to eat after that and it was fun...
I am so damn bored...

Aug 25, 2006

IE 7 RC1 Released

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7 RC 1 and the brief describtion at the MS site says
Download the release candidate for the next version of the world's most popular Web browser.
There hasnt been much changes and it looks like the IE beta... n about being the most popular web browser in the world I would say go firefox...hehe

Aug 21, 2006

Men are Like...

I had a blog post titled problems with girls not long back not its guys turn... njoy...
here is a funny forward i received.

> Men are like....

> 1. Men are like ..Laxatives ...... They irritate the crap out of you.

> 2. Men are like. Bananas ...... The older they get, the less firm they are.

> 3. Men are like ......Weather . Nothing can be done to change them.

> 4. Men are like ...Blenders You need One, but you're not quite sure why.

> 5. Men are like .....Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips.

> 6. Men are like ...Commercials ....... You can't believe a word they say.

> 7. Men are like Department Stores ..... Their clothes are always 1/2 off.

> 8. Men are like ......Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature.

> 9. Men are like .....Mascara . They usually run at the first sign of emotion.

> 10. Men are like .Popcorn .... They satisfy you, but only for a little while.

> 11. Men are like Snowstorms .... You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.

> 12. Men are like .......Lava Lamps .... Fun to look at, but not very bright.

> 13. Men are like Parking Spots ...... All the good ones are taken, the rest are handicapped.

Time to Check my Cosmetics Collection

With the fuss created by my last post on the Indian metrosexual guy, I thought its time to check my own collection. Hmm... not as impressive but not bad either :)...

Aug 15, 2006

60th Independence Day

As India celebrates its 60th independence day, I wonder if we are really free. All problems that were at the time of independence are still prevalent today. Besides along the way we picked up a lot of other problems that we shudnt hav. The Indian youth is going down in drains and the culture stands broken. Its time we redeem the pledge the builders of our nation took, its time to change, its time we develop our own nation to make the bestest nation in the world.

jai hind!!!

Aug 11, 2006

The New Age Indian Metrosexual Guy

Well what pic is that? No I didnt get into the girl's dorm :P... thats my gud frnds daily use cosmetic collection, beats most girls rite?
I just walked into his room and found it thought clicking a photo wud be best. Welcome to the new age indian metrosexual guy, differnt kinds of face wash, fairness creams, moisturizer, no marks cream, and wat not...

PS: He doesnt go out in dun without applying the sun screen lotion..

Aug 7, 2006

Vista Hacked -- Bill Takes a Blue Pill

While Microsoft had released the new version of their operating system to the hackers at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas... A sexy girle hacker showed how to bypass the security in vista...
The hack code named blue pill just shows how secure the most secure os from MS ever is going to be...

Aug 5, 2006

A to Z

Accept others for who they are and for the choices they've made even if
you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions.

B--Break Away
Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to
accomplish with your life.

Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams,
sorrows, and happiness with.

Decide that you'll be successful and happy come what may, and good
things will find you. The roadblocks are only minor obstacles along the

Explore and experiment. The world has much to offer, and you have much
to give. And every time you try something new, you'll learn more about

Forgive and forget. Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness
and grief. Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes.

Leave the childhood monsters behind. They can no longer hurt you or
stand in your way.

Hope for the best and never forget that anything is possible as long as
you remain dedicated to the task.

Ignore the negative voice inside your head. Focus instead on your goals
and remember your accomplishments. Your past success is only a small
inkling of what the future holds.

Journey to new worlds, new possibilities, by remaining open-minded. Try
to learn something new every day, and you'll grow.

Know that no matter how bad things seem, they'll always get better. The
warmth of spring always follows the harshest winter.

Let love fill your heart instead of hate. When hate is in your heart,
there's room for nothing else, but when love is in your heart, there's
room for endless happiness.

Manage your time and your expenses wisely, and you'll suffer less
stress and worry. Then you'll be able to focus on the important things in

Never ignore the poor, infirm, helpless, weak, or suffering. Offer your
assistance when possible, and always your kindness and understanding.

Open your eyes and take in all the beauty around you. Even during the
worst of times, there's still much to be thankful for.

Never forget to have fun along the way. Success means nothing without

Ask many questions, because you're here to learn.

Refuse to let worry and stress rule your life, and remember that things
always have a way of working out in the end.

Share your talent, skills, knowledge, and time with others. Everything
that you invest in others will return to you many times over.

Even when your dreams seem impossible to reach, try anyway. You'll be
amazed by what you can accomplish.

Use your gifts to your best ability. Talent that's wasted has no value.
Talent that's used will bring unexpected rewards.

Value the friends and family members who've supported and encouraged
you, and be there for them as well.

Work hard every day to be the best person you can be, but never feel
guilty if you fall short of your goals. Every sunrise offers a second

Look deep inside the hearts of those around you and you'll see the
goodness and beauty within.

Yield to commitment. If you stay on track and remain dedicated, you'll
find success at the end of the road.

Zoom to a happy place when bad memories or sorrow rears its ugly head.
Let nothing interfere with your goals. Instead, focus on your
abilities, your dreams, and a brighter tomorrow.

Aug 3, 2006


Aug 2, 2006

The problems with GIRLS

If u TREAT her nicely, she says u are IN LOVE with her;

If u Don't, she says u are PROUD.

If u DRESS Nicely, she says u are trying to LURE her;

If u Don't, she says u are from CHENNAI.(no offence to Chennai)

If u ARGUE with her, she says u are STUBBORN;

If u keep QUIET!, she says u have no BRAINS.

If u are SMARTER than her, she'll lose FACE;

If she's Smarter than u, she is GREAT.

If u don't Love her, she tries to POSSESS u;

If u Love her, she will try to LEAVE u.(very true huh?)

If u tell her your PROBLEM, she says u are TROUBLESOME;

If u don't, she says that u don't TRUST her.

If u SCOLD her, u are like a CHACHA to her;

If she SCOLDS u, it is because she CARES for u.

If u BREAK! your PROMISE, u Cannot be TRUSTED;

If she BREAKS hers, she is FORCED to do so.

If u SMOKE, u are BAD BOY;

If she SMOKES, she is a GENTLE LADY.

If u do WELL in your exams, she says it's LUCK;

If she does WELL, it's BRAINS.

If u HURT her, u are CRUEL;

If she HURTS u, u are too SENSITIVE!!

& sooo hard to please!!!!!

Jul 26, 2006

The Great North South Divide

Studying at a NIT (National Institute of Technology) is a rich cultural experience. Students here are from all over the country and this helps to know the cultural and customs of different communities. I study at NIT Warangal which is in Andhra Pradesh so 50% of the students are from AP. Now we are in final year ever since the first day of our college we seat ourselfs in the classroom in a particular way. The students are the north india sit on the left and the students from the south mostly from AP sit on the right. No matter which classroom we have been in be it a test in some hall or even the seminar hall. We always sit this way... Its our last year in college and I wonder wil this north south divide ever be overcome...

Jul 23, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06

I had a chance to lay my hands on the most recent version of the ubuntu linux distribution. I decided to try it. I was totally impressed with the hassle free installation. Its even easier then installing windows and definately easier then most linux distros. Ubuntu earlier used to ship with two cds one for live and other for install, But this time they ship it with only one cd, which can be used as a live cd as well as install cd. This lets you have a preview of what the os will be like even before you install it. The live cd can be used anytime even if you decide not to install ubuntu, this can give you a good exposure to linux. And whats more its all free, yeah anyone can order ubuntu linux free of cost shipped to their doorstep.

What are you waiting for???

PS: Even after getting a job at MS I wont stop supporting linux;)

Jul 13, 2006

I am Back...

Well I didnt post for quite a time now... I hope my readers arent all gone... neways.... I was off to Las Vegas for a conference....

My trip to usa was for about a week, Most of it was spent in Las Vegas....I went around to the hover's dam, and all the big casinos and hotels in LV....
The trip was amazing... and then when I came back we had placements on our campus...
I got hired by microsoft .........yipeeeeeeeeeeee.............

Me in Venician

The Paper Presentation

Jun 20, 2006

K for Kanpur...

I was in kanpur for the past week to visit my granny and granpa ( from my mom's side). The last time I was in kanpur was 2 yrs back but nothing has changed. The same old broken roads and the never ending power cuts. This time I went around a lot of places in and near kanpur. First the Ganga Barrage (called the Luv Kush Barrage).

People told me its a walking distance from my home in kanpur in vishnupuri, but I preferred a bike ride. Its great pleasure to watch the mighty ganges flowing down.

And then the human victory over the nature's fury the great dam with huge gates....

A few days later we went to Bitoor, its a village near kanpur. The main attraction of this place is the Bharma's Khunti( Or the Nail of Bhrama). It is rumoured to be the center (the axis) of the universe.

The little thing in the middle in the pic just about that's Bharma's Nail ... We had a boat ride in the ganges in Bitoor. The water was calm and cool.

That evening I caught a Langoor on cam just outside my home....

Oh ok you can say I caught only his back...

Finally we went to MangoGrooves... It was more of a picnic... and we enjoyed the mangoes all day... coz they just kept falling at us...

And here is a special pic me, my bro and my cousin... all locked up in a cuddle...

PS: I didnt shave whole week....

Jun 8, 2006

So much for music....

Accoring to a survey Ipods are the most popular thing on american campuses displacing beer from the top stop...

read more

Jun 4, 2006

May 30, 2006

What Gender Is Your Brain?

Your Brain is 53% Female, 47% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

May 29, 2006


Please dont watch it....
I went out for a late night show, and I was totally bored. You wont believe I was dozzing off...
Amair Khan is too old now and Kajol shouldnt be acting after the motherhood...:P
The movie lacks a story, and you just want to get fanaaa from the theather:P

May 28, 2006

Random Babbles

  • People say I am good at two things -- Flirting and Coding. I am not sure about the second one.
  • A little boy just called me superman and asked me to fly up, up and away.
  • The girls think I am a Kid.
  • The guys say I am a Guy's Guy.
  • I have been adam teased and I can tell you guys its a bad experience.
  • I wonder why girls wear clothes that, flaunt their cleavage, pop their belly button and are so tight around that one can make out the curves.
  • I wonder a lot of other things about girls which I wont write.
  • Its easier to understand maths than girls.
  • Which is the reason most intelligent people choose the former.
  • Girls have a great tendency to fall for stupid guys due to extreme similarity with themselves.
  • I sleep well in night when I write about 1000 lines of code in the day.
  • I can type very fast.
  • I can multitask very well.
  • My HOD told me I expect instantaneous results.
  • The regular readership of my blog is about 30 now.
  • I am against quota.
  • I am yet to meet a girl who can code.
  • I am yet to meet a girl as tall as me.

May 26, 2006

Chennai -- Beaches, Spencers and Visa Interview

Da i juss returned from chennai, my visa interview was good and i got the visa the passport came in juss as fast as i did ...lolz
here are some snaps from my moto razor v3i

Adyar Beach

Spencer Plaza Inside Out

Chennai Traffic

May 22, 2006

When you are not going up You are going down...

There is nothing stationary in this world. Sometimes we believe that we are making no progress and we are just where we were. But that is not possible, if we are not making progress we are on a decline since the world itself keeps on changing. For the past 3 semesters my GPA was stuck at 9.15 and I thought I was static not going up or down. But in reality I was going down a lot which is clear by my GPA this semester which is 8.08.
So remember if you arent going up ur probably going down...

May 20, 2006

Google the Terror

Google launched trends few days back here are some interesting trends....

Larry Page v/s Bill Gates
Google v/s Yahoo
Google Talk v/s Yahoo Messenger
Google Rocks v/s Google Sucks

Please Read the following article...

Can Google stay Google?

Google may have started as a company by two stanford grads... but now it is not the same google, all innovation has left the company. All they have been doing is buying startups, terrorising the companys and gobbling up their inovations too...(link) They made 15 acquisitions in 2005 and several more this year... wonder what google would have been if someone had bought it over in 1998 when it was launched...

May 18, 2006

Google the Womaniser

Yeah Google is a big Womaniser!!! If you are a computer science student or even an engineering student you will know the pathetic percentage of girls in your class. This percentage should be carried forward to the companys that work in, so as we all know to balance the ratio most companys hire women for non tech jobs like HR... I have till now never met an HR who is a man..neways keeping it aside wats wid the google thing ... I lil look at their hyderabad office will reveal that... first the head count of men is in fact lesser then the women....(as this blog by a gogle suggests link ). It is definatly not natural that this be possible unless google is hell bent on hiring girls....neways there are two orkut communitites

a look at these communities will again show you the google's equal oppurtunity hiring polices...

If you take time to look at the members... I am sure you will feel the most have been selected on basis of ramp shows then ne real interviews....

some real women in software...

n As you all knw how bad i am at spellings...i had to ask the how to spell womaniser
spelling courtsey Aditi

May 14, 2006

Blog Mapper Launched

Those who read my blog carefully and check in the profile link must have alrready seen it. I registered a domain called I was working on a mashup using the google maps api. The blogmapper service lets you place makers on the world map along with a link to your blog. This way you can check out who is blogging near by and view his blog.
Here is the direct link to the site click.

  • If you are about to create your own marker please be carefull to copy and place the location exactly along with the braces.
  • The map may take sometime to update try to refresh back if you cant see your marker.
  • Please comment if you have any more questions.

PS: The blogmapper is currently hosted on tripod for those who are wondering how I got past their Ads , just keep wondering or ask me...:)

May 11, 2006

Google Launchs new products

Google launched trends and Goolge co-op on wednesday. The Google trends allows you tocompare searchs between differnt keywords by leting you separate them by commas. I tried it but it sucked...:).. n the Google Co-op is more of a social search engine, it let you label and tag the webpages which others can see and use top find better information on a topic. Along with this google launched the 4th version of google desktop search.. yea the software which once created index files of >600Mb to search my 8.4Gb hard disk... so this time I am not going to try it out.. coz I now have 40Gb of hard disk and cant afford to keep a >2gb index file...interestingly all these products were advertised on the google's main search page

Technorati Tags : , , ,

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Apr 23, 2006

Exams up Blogs down

My end semester exams are coming up from next week... so this is the last post before I get thru them... see ya all after 2 weeks..:)

Apr 17, 2006

My Paper - 2

My friend and room-mate Arijit has a nice blog post I think you should go

Apr 16, 2006

Tux Nirvana

Tux just got up from deep meditation....

Apr 13, 2006

Google Calendar

Google unveiled the Google Calendar today. Another Ajax baby, the interface looks neat like all google things.. it lets you create and browse public calender, although I couldnt use it because it said service unavailble....:D

Apr 12, 2006

Pointer April 2006

Finally we released the valedictory edition of Pointer , the magazine published by the Department of CSE, NIT Warangal. An online version wil be put up shortly on the department's site till then you can check out the print version here. This time I asked Patricia Seybold to let us use her blog post on mashups (link) as the cover article.

Apr 7, 2006

Paper Selected

My paper on ontology matching was selected as a short research paper for the
"The 2006 International Conference on Semantic Web & Web Services". The conference is between 26-29 June. So see you in Las Vegas....:D

Apr 2, 2006

Google Games

I had almost forgotten about a site I created few months back
Unless a friend of mine asked me over lunch that how much revenve did I earn with the site. Well the concept was good but I didnt have enough time to work more on it.
So the work on that site is frozen.

Mar 30, 2006

Google Finance Beta

Google launched google finance.
Right now it provides two things one is the market summary and the other is the biz news. You can get the quotes for Nasdaq listed shares with the search bar on the top.If you are logged on then you can save you portfolio with the list of companies whose shares you want to watch for. With this google now jumps into an area of finance sites which has already many players but as they have shown in past they aim for the top.

Does Intelligence has a survival rate?

Another one from my old notebook, written on 16th july 2004...

Are we headed for Doomsday?

Most people think that being the most intelligent species of all, has only advantages we can manipulate nature, its resources and other organisms for our interest. But does intelligence has a survival rate? We may be the most intelligent of all animals but we do fight for small things. Nations go on war for mere things. Does that mean we are not stable as the other organisms? In this universe there are 10^11 galaxies and in each galaxy there are 10^11 stars. It is highly possible that there is intelligent life on other planets in far off solar systems. So why have we not been contacted by an advanced alien civilization? Doest it suggest that as intelligence increases we (as a system) become unstable and tend to destroy ourselves.

Our evolution stopped when we became civilised about 10,000 years ago, and since then we have remained biologically the most advanced, evolved species on this planet. But our intelligence has increased many folds, we have understood many complex things. Prior to the development of paper, information was passed on to the next generations only by the way of mouth. When man discovered writing and invented symbols, an information explosion took place. Today we are flooded with information. We have millions of papers been published this very moment. This may definately be the mark of our intelligence but it clearly shows the knowledge and explosion of information.

This explosion of information may not be good for our survival. It is no coincidence that we havent found any intelligent beings in the universe so far. We have not found any alien civilization which are far more advanced than us. Because any civilisation when advances in intelligence and science they either destory themselves or thier planet. In my opinion every species at every stage of its evolution and development has a survival rate. For an organism like bacteria it may be very high , for some viruses it may be infinity (implying that they are immortal), so as intelligence increases the survival rate of that particular species decreases. For a highly evolved and intelligent sepicies like man it may be very close to '0' and we may be on the verge of extinction.

All this do seem to suggest that being intelligent is not a very good proposition but till our survival rate is above zero we neeednt worry but we sure can wonder...

Mar 29, 2006

New theory of Evolution -- The Struggle for Survival

I was going throught my old notebooks and I found out this... It is an article written by me on 27th march 2004.

The idea of evolution as understood today is based on the Darwin's book "Origin of Species". The salient idea of Neo-Darwinism (as it is known today) happens to be the survival of the fittest. Published way back in 1859, the book still happens to be the centre of the theory of evolution. This theory explains satisfactorily how the organisms evolveed by adapting themselves to the changes in the environment. Now it has been shown that these changes manifest themselves in the form of the mutations in the genes of the organisms. These mutations over many generations give rise to the new species.But all this is applicable in a static environment in the sense that environment undergoes changes which are too slow and hence other organisms which are suited to the change survive by natural selection. The Darwin's theory is based on puree chance that a given population may have a mutant which may have no advantage in normal circumstances but when the environment changes they have a relative advantage and generations later, they form the major part of the population.

But there happens to be certain missling links or fallacies in the Darwin's theory. Consider for example the lion-deer paradox -- "The deer is grazing on the green grass and unknown to the deer the lion is watching it, slowly the lion goes towards it and the deer sensing his presence runs, the lion runs after it. Now the environment has manifested a change in terms of a predator, whose speed is not as good as that of the prey. The prey (deer) has adapted quite well to this change by running away at top speed. But now if we apply Neo-Darwinism, the deer should be naturally selected and survive. Because it fits itself with the environment so well. As we all know this doesnt neccesarily happen. The deer may be killed or may escape. How can Darwin's theory account for this? It happens to be a mere approximation of a more genaral theory that should explain evolution in all kinds of environments, including an environment of this kind which I term as dynamic to distinguish fromt he changes that are too slow and take years to manifest themselves.

This explains the need for a new theory of evolution. Under dynamic environmental conditions it seems that fittest organism may not survive but the one who struggles well (like a deer who tries very hard and escapes the lion) can survive. Thus I propose the "Survival of the one who can struggle hypothesis". Organisms evolve into new species and survive drastic environmental changes but they struggle for living, they struggle to keep the life going. This explains why so many species have been wiped out because they didnt struggle well and could make up. This hypothesis can be applied to the so said dynamic environments which change so rapidly that the Darwin's theory fails completely to describe them. One more important differnce is that the Darwin's theory apparently applies only to the populatoin of community (biotic) as a whole, it cannot be expressed for an individual of a species. On the other hand the theory proposed here is centered on an individual and then takes the sum total of them to express for populations and communities.

It appears that the nature may have a struggle coefficient for a particular species, under the dynamic environment that may help us to predict whether that population will be able to survive under a given environment. Consider for example, a population of N number of organisms of a particular species. We can introduce several dynamic environmental factors and determine their survival. Our idea should be to make them struggle and not to check if they fit in the changed environment. It means though they may not have complete mutations in their genes they may survive. Conduting such experiments with proper control we may determine the struggle coefficient of teh species empirically.

In this article I tried to present the short falls of the Darwin's theory of evolution and gave the "Struggle hypothesis". Only more research and experimentation in truely dynamic environment can put more light on this problem. I would sign off with "I man struggles through out his life so his evolution is never complete..."

Mar 8, 2006

CS Students and Society

We have only one eletronics subject this semester (communication systems) and the teacher who handles that course (henceforth known as ET) is so monotonus that we are always sleepy. Yesterday when he had a 2 hrs class(alas)... we were a lot bored... in the middle one student asked him to go out for some reason and then did not return... ET was furious... he began to explain that CS students have more responsiblity then other branchs of engineering and how the entire society depends on us... we should be more enthusiastic at studies and we ought not take any break as been in cs means u take enjoyment from your results... and blah blah blah ... but just as he finished and went to the board to teach again, one student from the back said sir pls take this topic in the next class and it was it... ET was soo sad now he said i came here to teach but no one is interested so i will stop ... i see all dull faces... and then again while taking attendace he reminded us of our moral obligations to the society been a cs student...:P

Feb 27, 2006

Origami rumors unfold

Microsoft is on a tease again with the lauch of a new product...Check out the Origami site

Feb 25, 2006

Google debuts website creation tool

Google has introduced a new do-it-yourself website builder facility. The initiative, known as Google Page Creator, attempts to simplify the creation of web pages with minimal knowledge of HTML and allow non-techies to get a web presence as quickly as possible.

The service - which requires a Gmail account before being able to log in - provides a simple template with heading, subhead and body. Google has also provided 41 different background styles to choose from. Alongside the main page, Google offers a number of tools to enable the site builder to include links, images, three different kinds of headings and six different fonts. It is also possible to introduce styles such as bold or italic text or lists.

As part of the package, Google is also offering a free web hosting facility. Once the page is published it becomes available at yourdomain.googlepages.comand Google offers a one click button to 'tell your friends'. Creator assumes no knowledge of HTML and even explains how to find a URL (through a search engine of course!).

Google is following Microsoft's move in building an end to end set of online services that will allow retailers of any size around the world to advertise, offer goods and services and fulfil orders through the Internet. Thus, the Page Creator matches a similar initiative from Redmond that recently launched Office Live, a set of online applications aimed at providing small to medium sized business with an online presence.

However, whereas Microsoft launched all the applications including web pages and personalised email in one go, Google is introducing the elements piecemeal, for example launching the personalised email service earlier this month.

Presumably at some stage, Google will tie the 'Pages' service into Google Analytics to allow subscribers to monitor the traffic to their web pages either from Google Base or AdWords. However, there is no sign yet that Google is planning Premium services along the lines of Live Collaboration.

Feb 24, 2006

Linux Nirvana

Finally i decided to say good bye to windows...I installed mandriva 2006 free edition which can be downloaded from here. Installation was easy but i faced a little problem after installing when the display was not correct at 24bit depth then i changed it to 15 bit and it was perfect. Mandriva 2006 is by far the most elegent lookin linux i have seen. The interface is neat and nicely laid out. But i had a few problems while opening the .doc files in the open office.. the images were misaligned...:(....
neways lets go linux...

Feb 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is feb the 14th... i went to the class a bit early at about 745am only to find amit kumar... as we sat in a contemplative moood....we saw our HOD coming... it was not his class but he was coming towards us... and then we got the valentine day surprise... a surprise test... our HOD must luv us a lot....we alreayd had one test in the afternoon.... so thats makes it 2 in a day... i screwd up both :)

Feb 13, 2006

C compiler in 2 hrs

As a part of our Language processors course we were given an assignment to make a compiler for a subset of c language ( c to msil). It was supposed to be submitted today. Of course we didnt do it but when in the morning class our HOD said we better submit it by the evening or else we loose all the 20 marks for the internals, he was damn serious... so we got like 2 hrs break between the morning and afternoon sessoins to program a compiler... students started to look for the lex and yacc sepcs for the c language and it was not a problem since there are a lot available on the net. The next task was to generate MSIL code from it. Darn we used all kinds of stupid methods and created some shit. It didnt compile ofcourse but then we had to submit the print out... i ran to the xerox shop got a printout it was 9 pages.... finally work well done ... and submitted at 2:30pm

What i fail to understand is that when our HOD saw our blank faces in the morning he was sure none of us did it but when he went to submit the assigment he took it. So he knws wats going on and thats the way he wants it i guess.... or thats the way everyone wants it;)

Feb 7, 2006

Flickr Game - fastr

Ankur is addicted at this game and now so am i its fun... you have to guess the name of the tag for which u see the pics taken from flickr...

try it fastr

Feb 2, 2006

Internet Explorer 7.0 (beta)

The IE beta 7 is out for the people and can be downloaded from the microsoft's download site. It would need a geniune windows xp for installation. And i suggest you stay away from it as many of the people who installed it uninstalled it within 2 days:D...

read more

Feb 1, 2006

Google working on desktop linux

Google is preparing its own distribution of Linux for the desktop, in a possible bid to take on Microsoft in its core business - desktop software.

A version of the increasingly popular Ubuntu desktop Linux distribution, based on Debian and the Gnome desktop, it is known internally as 'Goobuntu'.

Jan 31, 2006

IBM Releases Free Database

In a move to keep in step with its rivals, IBM on Monday rolled out a free version of its DB2 database product as the computing giant seeks to win the loyalty of more software developers in smaller companies and projects.

Big Blue follows the lead of competitor Oracle, which introduced a free version of its 10g database during October, and of Microsoft, which announced the free version of its SQL Server database during November.

Called DB2 Express-C, the offering will be available to customers, developers, and partners as a free download from IBM’s developer community site. Customers will be able to use the same core DB2 data server, which is offered in its license version for free.

Free community support for the database will also be available through a public forum on developerWorks, IBM’s resource for developers.

In contrast, users of IBM’s license-based Express edition get a full warranted license with round-the-clock customer support, extra features, and extended tools.

Jan 26, 2006

Hey Bill, Why am i gettin spam still???

Two years ago today Bill Gates predicted that spam email would be eradicated as a problem within 24 months. The Microsoft chairman predicted the death of spam in a speech at the World Economic Forum on 24 January 2004.

But i think Bill had no idea about how big this problem was going to get. I still recieve about 5-10 mails in my mailbox about which i got no clue. The same is the case with all of you. The technology has been improving but even with all those filters and spam dectectors some spam gets to our inbox. God knows when will this end...

Jan 24, 2006

IE beta code leaked on net

Pictures of the new IE 7beta leaked on to the net along with programming code. It seems that the leak was from the developers. Several of the pics showed chinease symbols and sites. Thousands of users downloaded the files before microsoft coming to knw of this. Although MS as seen leakages in the past but several ppl cast doubt on them as been staged by MS itself to gain publicity...


Confessions of the HOD

Our HOD is a good old man but many of my classmates hate him. Anyways i am his pet and i like him he is not that bad. Today in class he was recollecting his days at college. He told us that he used to the 2nd show matinee almost everyday( gosh i only went to one 9-12 show).. and how he was never at his room before 2am.... in fact most of the students at his hostel hardly knew that he stayed there...until when day when he walked in his room at noon and found students asking hom questions about his whereabouts;) last he conceded that hes an old man now and the time he used to stay up till is the time he gets up now ...lolz....

He was quick to point to the fact that we are under a lot more constraints and that our college life wud never be the one like him...

Jan 23, 2006

What happens when Electronics Teacher trys to Joke

Today in our communication class the teacher was trying to explain the dirac's delta function and i wud think he is got a bad sense of humor... here is a little excerpt, we gonna call him ET( meant to be electronics teacher and not Extra-Terrestrial.

ET:- The dirac delta function has a value 0 at t!=0 and infinity at t=0...

ET:- Now i cannot show you infinite line on a paper or blackboard...

ET:- To draw the line we need lots of paper and the college has no money for it...

ET:- Even if we had money to draw the line no one would be able to draw it...

ET:- Coz it wud cover the circumference of the earth...

....Class continues....

ET:- Now if i write on this side of the board the ppl on that side cant see it properly and if i

on the other u can see properly...

ET:- It is all the problem of population ...

ET:- There should not be more then 40 students in the class and here we have 70...

ET:- As the population of the country goes on atleast the CSE and ECE departments will have
more number of students...

...Class continues...

Jan 22, 2006

FBI releases 2005 Computer Crime Survey

Computer Crime on the rise as shown in by the new survey conducted by FBI. Whats more interesting to note is the fact that 1 of the 10 surveyed are still running without any firewall.

The companies suffered losses to the tune of $24,000 even when most of them had the basic anti virus protection. This clearly is a pointer to the fact that as the use of internet for a wide range of services increase the rate of crime on net will also grow.


Jan 21, 2006

I am tagged

Ok guys I have been tagged

The rules of the game:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

TARGET - Female

she shud be intelligent:)
she shud be good looking
she shud be loving
she shud be cute
she shud be caring
she shud be talkative:D
she shud be open to new ideas;)
she shud make me laugh...

The eight other ppl who shud do this are:-

1. Leena
2. Laura
3. Arijit
4. Scribbing women
5. Bhavna
6. missflyingfinn
7. Xtremly Insane
8. Ankur

The first Computer Bug

This is the first computer bug....

Anyone wanna debug:D

Apple on the double

Apple has finally accounced that it will use intel chips for its laptops and pcs. Apple's chief executive, Steve Jobs, says the machines would run between two and four times faster than the PowerPC iMacs and Powerbooks they replace. Another smelly apple stuff here:D


Jan 20, 2006

Uncle Sam Wants Google’s Data

Google has been well known for the handling of information from its users. Now the US government wants some information from the google and its not ready to part with it. Even though google collects a lot of private information the privacy groups have been supportive of google because of its privacy policy.


Jan 17, 2006


I found an interesting search engine for pictures. It finds pictures not based on
keywords but based on a rough sketch you can make of that picture. The engine is
called retrievr and can be found on the link below. I played with it for sometimes.
The results are worth the play:D

Jan 16, 2006

Hotmail and Orkut

Today when i logged on to msn msger i got 3 mails so i clicked the link to go to my inbox directly..but i was taken aback with the webpage i got to... it opens a page on orkut...
here are a few screen shots. I have a class now will be looking into this later...

Jan 14, 2006

NIT Warangal Open Solaris Users Group

NIT Warangal recently hosted the warangal users group which is the second of its kind in india.
All opensolaris users and fans are invited to join it.


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Jan 12, 2006

The Day off for the Profs...

Today was the day off at college with 3 teachers not making to the class and one not taking it. Which means we had only the Communication Systems class today. This semester has been a very strict one with no free classes, so today came as a respite for the students, who loafed all day or slept. But for me the day was hectic. My wallet was stolen yesterday so no classes for me mean i had to bank for gettin the ATM. Then the college id and library id and so on...pah

Jan 10, 2006

Liberation of Programmers

Today in the Algorithm Design class the prof deviated from the topic and went on to tell about the liberation of programmers. So heres it...

Programmers coded in machine language...
assembly language liberated them from the machine...
Programmers coded in assembly language...
higher level languages liberated them from assembly...
Programmers cant model real life objects...
OOPs liberated them from been too structured...
Programmers still have to code...;)
??? liberate them from programming...

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Jan 6, 2006

Ajax Demystified

We keep hearing about ajax but what is it...?
Ajax is not a technology in itself, its a collection of technologies to create interactive web applications using a combination of (as per wikipedia)

* XHTML (or HTML) and CSS for marking up and styling information. (XML is commonly used, although any format will work, including preformatted HTML, plain text, JSON and even EBML).
* The Document Object Model manipulated through JavaScript to dynamically display and interact with the information presented
* The XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data asynchronously with the web server. In some Ajax frameworks and in some situations, an IFrame object is used instead of the XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data with the web server.

So when someone recently asked me if i had programmed in ajax i said no. But it doesnt seem that difficult after all. Lemme get back to college i think i am gonna make something in ajax:)

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Jan 3, 2006

To Lead #3

I read a hand out today which had around 10 points on how to be a successful IT manager. Here are the points i felt are important.

How to become a great IT manager

IT is not only the technology or engineering; its is an art in great. Most IT activities though very complex to handle are desk managed compared to other disciplines which requires extensive filed or labour orientation.
The following suggestions can help you be a great IT manager...

  1. Spend time and money developing your people
    IT is a constantly changing field and many IT workers love to learn and aqcuire new skills. But not all find the learning enjoyable its your job to get appropiate training and encouragement to your people to learn new things.
  2. Get to know what your staff really does
    You must understand your staff's normal work routine and familiarize youself with each person's responsibilities.
  3. Don't do it for them
    If you have moved in from an IT worker role to one that of a manager you must remember that even though you may be better then your staff you should not take the reins in your hands too quickly. This helps your empolyees to grow and learn themselves.
  4. Know the business and make sure they know you
    You must understand the company's vision and ensure that business administrators understand what IT does for them.
  5. Treat communication as a busy, fast-moving, two-way street
    Information should be allowed to flow freely between you and your workers. Dont keep anything to yourself unless its absolutly confidential. Something that is not relevent to you might be helpful for your worker.
  6. Encourage everyone to work as a team
    IT projects a cannot be completed succesfully without good team work. Make sure your employees get well along as a team.
  7. Provide feedback regualarly
    It is always said that negative feedback is better then no feedback. You must be constantly in touch with your workers to make sure they know that you understand whats going on.
  8. Hire well
    Hiring poorly can be more costly than not hiring at all. Make sure you the person you hire can adequately integrate with the team.
  9. Understand best IT practices
    As an IT manager you must be familiar with good IT practices like Disaster Recovery, Service oriented Architecture, Security etc. Make sure you have regular assessments.
  10. Be a good project manager
    And last but not the least make sure that you yourself are a good employee and work well on projects. If you havent had any formal project management training, find and invest in a good program.

To Lead #2

Know Where the Motivation Comes From

Most leaders think its their job to motivate the people. But the fact is that you cannot motivate anyone. This truth will be told to you by many experienced managers. The only place your employes can get motivation is from themselves. Its your job to encourage them to get motivated. Appericiate good work and make them feel the importance of their work in the current project. This should be enough for most people to get going. The mistake many leaders do it to try to motivate thier people by exilarating. Sorry it wont work that way. Unless people get happiness and joy from within they wont be motivated.

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Jan 2, 2006

To Lead #1

I am starting a series of posts regarding leadership and management. Hope it addresses issuses faced by many of you.
So most people really dont know what makes a good leader. People are not motivated by people who can't picture great leadership.
In his book on business management, The Laughing Warriors, Dale Dauten offfers a picture of a leader with a code to live by,

Who can I help today? Since to be a leader is to serve, you must be on guard to help others all the time.

What else can we try? Leaders should be trying differernt things even when they can be risky.
To innovate and creative is one of the prime features of a leader.

Leaders should always pursue excellence not to praise it but to kill it.

Life's a bore without proper celebrations. You must celebrate your sucess but take no credit.

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Jan 1, 2006

New Year Resolutions

Sorry i was off on a vacation and didnt write nething for a long time... but i really wanted to be with family. Anyways lets start the year with the new year resolutions. Here are mine

Thou shall not chat...
Thou shall work alone...
Thou shall study...

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