Dec 12, 2013

Life in Death

The truth of life is in death,
is this why our dreams are never met.
We go on with our lives everyday,
while the moment of truth is far away.

Life comes in its many shades,
while the blow of death is always gray.
Hopes are born with beginning of life,
death crushes them with no respite.

But is this really even life ?
filled with pain, sorrow, grief and spite.
When death is the only salvation,
why are we condemned to life's damnation.

Can you really repent your sins,
when you are bound by karma.
Will death be your salvation,
when in life you had no dharma.

Do you live to seek and find,
or to just go on with life's grind.
The seek ends at sundown with death,
when life cannot make further progress.

Death tests our regression into abyss,
filled with guilt and regret of life.
Do we really rise on the other side,
or death takes us for a long ride.

To live one must fight,
there is solace in last rite.
Does our fight go on beyond,
or does it end with the last yawn.

All our lives we move in different boxes,
the move always ends in the same casket.
Is death really the end of a move ?
or, on the other side, our journey begins anew.

When you see my cold dead eyes,
will you still care for the warmth of life ?
When the spirit leaves the humble abode,
does it travel a lonely road ?

We live all our lives divided by life,
while in death we all ultimately unite.
Is death then the only true god ?
when religions are filled with fright and fraud.

And what say we to this humble god,
not today, we are not ready to go abroad.
How long can we keep saying no ?
Does it even matter to all those in the know ?

The cycle of life and death goes on and on,
we come, we go, we shuffle around.
Life in death and death in life,
is there any difference, or, are they alike?