Dec 25, 2007

Two Great Mashup Tutorials

Here are the two mashup tutorials I wrote a while back, they were posted on
One with the Microsoft Popfly and other one with the Yahoo Pipes..
Merry Christmas Folks...

Companies to Watch for in 2008

Check out the my list of the companies to watch for in 2008 here.

Dec 14, 2007

Nov 21, 2007

Oct 22, 2007

Are you blogging this?

A song and video about blogging and web 2.0. Enjoy! And if you want to find out more about the guy who created it - go to

Tim Berners Lee on Semantic Web

Oct 16, 2007

Prof Randy Paush

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch recently delivered a one-of-a-kind last lecture that shook the entire world, it is all about living your childhood dreams. A must watch!!!

Lisa Randall

And now back to what I was searching for Lisa Randall, she is currently the most cited physicst and her primary work has been on extra dimensions. Here is an interview she gave for Charlie Rose.

Now Google acts Dumb

It was orkut earlier now it was turn of google search to act dumb on me. I was looking for Lisa Randall (yes the hot physicst from harvard) and I got a google we are sorry page which said that my query was similar to a computer virus or spyware application, and I am like WTF?
It is me google a real human with no virus or spyware on my pc...
Google code monkeys are not really good at keeping humans separate with bots...

Oct 9, 2007

Orkut been dumb

I was posting a scrap to someone who is not in my friend list and this is what I got ( link )
15 mins before I can post the scrap, and that is on top of the captcha that orkut shows usually. I wonder what makes them add such a time limit. They clearly fear that the captcha on orkut site can be broken. Back in college for the software presentation contest during technozion 07 we made a software that tried to break the orkut captcha. Anyways it just shows how dumb orkut is and how it wants me to waste my time on it. I wish all my friends were on faceboook instead.

Sep 21, 2007

Why he cries?

He sits all alone on the beach, looking at the waves coming and going. The waves, how well do they represent our lifes, ups and downs all along. He could count the number of years of his life on the waves, how he started as a shy little kid, went out to be an arrogant, introvert teen, and finally the man he has become now. He felt he had no regrets, but things could always be better. He earns a milllion dollars per annum now, but at what cost. He left his family, friends and everyone behind. But surely money can buy anything right? He has a loving wife, cute kids and lives a huge mansion. What else is he missing? He misses to walk on the streets, travel alone and working at odd hours. He misses the school days, the carefree attitude, the fun. Life is a great teacher, wish the school days will never end.

Sep 20, 2007

Team Meeting

It was the first meeting he had in his team. They all looked at him and he felt so small, so small that he would rather disappear. Disappear under his table, so that they wont see him. Then someone asked him a question, a question which he thought he could answer. The answer was upto the mark but it hurt someone's ego. People have big fat tummies and egos to match those tummies these days . The guy was about twice his age but had neither dignity nor respect, lets call him Mr. SS. SS stood streched all alonge with his fat belly bumping on the ground. He growled like an angry wolf and went on till he had me scared. I kept mum from there on and he kept picking me on and on

Sep 18, 2007


I would call her everyday, it would be the last thing I will do before sleep every night, every night of my life and it went on for months. I thought it was perfect, I thought we were perfect and it would never end. Life has stranger turns and destiny plans differently, she became ill, suffering from a terminal disease. I had full hope in god, for he works miracles. But my hopes were to be shattered, my dreams to be broken, my life to be turned around. I lost her...

Sep 9, 2007

Orkut is Buggy

It is 1245pm IST here and I cannot delete my orkut scraps. I am not sure if this is happening to you but this seems to come from recent update of the orkut interface.

Update on 10:22 am
The problem appears to have been fixed now. Looks like the Orkut team doesnt work on the weekends.... :)

Sep 7, 2007

Apple drops Price of IPHONE

So apple finally reduced the price of IPhone, where does it leave the thousands of fans who bought it and now feel cheated.Users sent 100s of mail to apple and so now Steve Jobs sends an open letter to all IPhone users giving them a $100 store credit at any apple store. This will make them buy even more Apple products, aint he smart? First sell for a really high price and then give a discount to buy even more awesome...

Aug 16, 2007


am itchy
being so bitchy
I feel so duped
I just wanna get rescued
the winds are blowing all around
oh! I can feel the drifting sound
my heart would never be the same again
I wish that someone could flush me down the drain
will someone spice my boring life and alleviate my pain.

Jan 2, 2007

Google Runs Out of Storage

Well yeah, if you look at the Gmail sign in page you can see that it has stopped increasing the size of storage. It says over 2800Mbs but the count has stopped. Here is what is says.
Oh, and you still have over 2800 megabytes (and counting) of free storage.

I wonder what has happened?

The Gold Medal

Happy New Year to All...
Yeah I know its been a really long time. Well I have been busy (not really but I got no excuse).
I have always been good at most things I did :D, but somehow I always land up like 2nd or 3rd the only time I can remember I was first was my 11th grade. The gold medal has always evaded me.
So why do I worry about gold at all, there are so many people who get nothing... well here is why

Gold Medal Awarded to my Dad ranked 1st Meerut University M.Sc( Mathematics)

Gold Medal Awarded to My Bro ranked 1st Science Olympiad 2006

I need one now....:(