Jan 24, 2006

Confessions of the HOD

Our HOD is a good old man but many of my classmates hate him. Anyways i am his pet and i like him he is not that bad. Today in class he was recollecting his days at college. He told us that he used to the 2nd show matinee almost everyday( gosh i only went to one 9-12 show).. and how he was never at his room before 2am.... in fact most of the students at his hostel hardly knew that he stayed there...until when day when he walked in his room at noon and found students asking hom questions about his whereabouts;) last he conceded that hes an old man now and the time he used to stay up till is the time he gets up now ...lolz....

He was quick to point to the fact that we are under a lot more constraints and that our college life wud never be the one like him...

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