Mar 8, 2006

CS Students and Society

We have only one eletronics subject this semester (communication systems) and the teacher who handles that course (henceforth known as ET) is so monotonus that we are always sleepy. Yesterday when he had a 2 hrs class(alas)... we were a lot bored... in the middle one student asked him to go out for some reason and then did not return... ET was furious... he began to explain that CS students have more responsiblity then other branchs of engineering and how the entire society depends on us... we should be more enthusiastic at studies and we ought not take any break as been in cs means u take enjoyment from your results... and blah blah blah ... but just as he finished and went to the board to teach again, one student from the back said sir pls take this topic in the next class and it was it... ET was soo sad now he said i came here to teach but no one is interested so i will stop ... i see all dull faces... and then again while taking attendace he reminded us of our moral obligations to the society been a cs student...:P


  1. Proffs round the world are one of the same!

  2. Hey this show ur stamina to sustain , worst condition

  3. hey, reason to change ur blog name?
    I think previous was impressive.............

  4. hehehe...A preaching, boring prof! Cant imagine a worse combination...:-) Atleast u got profs for electronics in ur college..We are still gettin by with adhocs staff to teach the cores!


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