Sep 21, 2007

Why he cries?

He sits all alone on the beach, looking at the waves coming and going. The waves, how well do they represent our lifes, ups and downs all along. He could count the number of years of his life on the waves, how he started as a shy little kid, went out to be an arrogant, introvert teen, and finally the man he has become now. He felt he had no regrets, but things could always be better. He earns a milllion dollars per annum now, but at what cost. He left his family, friends and everyone behind. But surely money can buy anything right? He has a loving wife, cute kids and lives a huge mansion. What else is he missing? He misses to walk on the streets, travel alone and working at odd hours. He misses the school days, the carefree attitude, the fun. Life is a great teacher, wish the school days will never end.

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  1. Exactly...The label describes this post best...perfect bullshit crap!


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