Nov 10, 2005

Beyond Code

I recently hit on a blog It is apparently based on the book with the same name. I had a look at the book too when sridhar came to our college for a one day workshop on Open Source and the author seems to be sridhar'a friend. The title is a bit missleading, the book does talk about different skills for programmers. But with a title like that i thought the book should have an account to what happens to coders and what is their utlimate fate. You join a big software company for the 10lakhs they are paying you and from there on you go on coding and coding and coding... its always a kind of reassurance to your mind that you are working on the cutting edge and latest trends in the industry. But who decieds these trends.... its not you are made to work on and on and on... and in the end you call quit (unless you are made to quit) you have a lots of money but dont knw what to do with it because you never thought about spending it. You go to a small village buy a cottage and end your life there if you are lucky or else you will be stuck up where you are till the very end.

I think this is life beyond code and coders which all of us should pay attention to.

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