Nov 13, 2005

The future is Open

Recently i attended a workshop on is open source the future. The workshop was more on how solaris wil be the future then on how open source will be the future (as the guy who was presenting the workshop is form sun). But still workshop talked about a few recent sucessful open source projects. The problem with all open source projects is that most of them lack the funding and people pursue them in their free time. Which makes development in open source unreilable. With the sun's open solaris released under a CDDL license. Whci means that you can write our own code on open solaris and u need not contribute it back to the open community. The linux has a GPL license so that you have to open your code for all linux development. The sun's CDDL attempts to give the developers the rights to thier own code and help them market thier product. However what impact will this have on the open source community is yet to be seen.

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