Dec 10, 2005

Installing Woes...

I think we are to blame microsoft and windows for making all tasks seem so easy. We have been trying to install the smart card drivers and the neccesary software on linux and its getting us into a lot of trouble. Type this configure that and so on.. the list is endless. Compare this with the simple installation package on windows which just expects us to press the next button:D.
I fail to understand why dont the ppl workin on linux too follow some standards and provide easy installations. Unless this is done the acceptance of linux as a desktop os for home user will remain a far fetched dream.
The use of rpm intiated by the red hat is a good step in this direction and should encourage developers to bundle thier software in that format. Even Mandrake adopted it and ships with all rpm packages :).
BTW mandrake is no more , they have changed the name of the release to mandriva. The lastes os mandriva 2006 can be downloaded from

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