Dec 6, 2005

Sun Blade Workstation

Today was very eventful ... We installed two sun blade workstations from scratch for our project. The sun blade machines(sun blade 1500) come preloaed with solaris 9. we booted it and bang.. no one knew password for root we tried all combinations till the lab assistant came up with the list of password given by the vendor. Then it booted the solaris 9 has gnome and a common desktop preloaded.
Later we set out to install red hat linux on two machines wich was rather routine now.

Then we decied to load solaris 10 on the blade machines but we had only the x86 version. So we loaded it on other machine:). The solaris 10 os has a java destop environment which looks very kwel indeed. Didnt have too much time playing wid it may be tommrow...

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