Aug 15, 2006

60th Independence Day

As India celebrates its 60th independence day, I wonder if we are really free. All problems that were at the time of independence are still prevalent today. Besides along the way we picked up a lot of other problems that we shudnt hav. The Indian youth is going down in drains and the culture stands broken. Its time we redeem the pledge the builders of our nation took, its time to change, its time we develop our own nation to make the bestest nation in the world.

jai hind!!!


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I wonder wether it is 59th or 60th?

  2. well everyone says its 60th... but who are u anonymous...:P

  3. 60th??
    nice thoughts...but will not like to agree with u totally!

  4. Anonymous12:14 AM

    but who are u anonymous...:P
    You are asking mask for face, you are asking show of veil, you desire secret of occult.
    Isn't that ludicrous you are asking an identity of anonymity.

  5. ~nother prob today is that ppl dont agree with the truth..
    and ur wish miss anonymous...

  6. for those who had problems with the 60th thingy
    the above is the link to the excerpts from the PMs speech...which i am sure none of u listened to, is says

    "Today we enter the 60th year of our Independence..."

    so no more 60th ??????
    or 59 or 60????


  7. Anonymous1:46 AM



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