Aug 11, 2006

The New Age Indian Metrosexual Guy

Well what pic is that? No I didnt get into the girl's dorm :P... thats my gud frnds daily use cosmetic collection, beats most girls rite?
I just walked into his room and found it thought clicking a photo wud be best. Welcome to the new age indian metrosexual guy, differnt kinds of face wash, fairness creams, moisturizer, no marks cream, and wat not...

PS: He doesnt go out in dun without applying the sun screen lotion..


  1. Whooaa!!Now that was something...I knew that the new age guys are more conscious of their skin and body, but to this extent!!!Its crazy!!

  2. yeah its crazy... i guess ur classmates shud take a lesson :P hehehe

  3. gawd!! hehe....even i dont use all that! :o

  4. ~ deepti
    then u shud start using more of them now that the guys do...

  5. told ya.....dont fuck around with ma classmates.

  6. Anonymous11:24 PM

    In between try to understand the feelings that cause difference between so called "The New Age Indian Metrosexual Guy" and "The Old Age...".
    Don't u thing the ambient conditions have been changed.
    According to an article(}, good looking people are paid more then thier abilities wether it is India or any other part of world.
    We pay attention for study, for tutions, for our ideas ,for why should not at look?

    what else , you all better know all benifits of looking good.

  7. Anonymous11:28 PM

  8. i nvr said i was against good looks...a lil gromming is always helpful...


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